Estate Agents

When advertising properties to the outside world Estate Agents need to ensure their properties are visible whatever the weather. Digiverse is able to offer a range of High Brightness Commercial Monitors which guarantee content is visible in both bright and dull conditions. These Monitors are suitable for 24/7 operation and have a simple built-in USB playback feature which allows agents to load a series of J-PEG still images of properties for potential clients to view and scroll through – simple and cost effective and no ties to on-going license costs.

  • Schools

    Digital Signs are a dynamic, fun and cost-effective way of engaging with pupils en masse as teaching

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  • Offices

    Offices are increasingly coming round to the idea of utilising Digital Signage as a means of adverti

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  • Digital Menu Boards

    We have Digital Menu Board solutions which cater to any requirement, scale or budget. For smaller ou

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  • Retail & Point-Of-Sale

    Retailers demand flexible hardware which endures under demanding conditions. Features like Auto-Play

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